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The 2019/20 CU Sports Medicine and Performance Indoor Cycle Contest is open to all participants who attend at least one indoor cycling class during the 2019/20 indoor cycle season.  Participants earn points through the course of the season.  All points are tallied at the end of the season and the top 3 points-earners get prizes.

1st Place: A Wahoo Kicker

2nd Place: A Retul Bike Fit performed by one of the CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center staff.

3rd Place:  A complete physiological test including:

  • VO2 Max
  • Training Zones
  • Body Composition
  • Hydration levels

Prizes must be redeemed within 6 months of being awarded.  There is no cash value to any of the prizes.

How points are earned:

Introduce a new guest to class: 30 Points (Per Unique Guest)
Points are earned for each new guest you introduce to class.  The guest may not have participated in a CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center Indoor Cycling class within the past two years.  Points for first class attended only.

Attend class: 2 Points
Each time you attend a class you earn 2 points.

Improve your MAP: 30pts for the greatest improvement, 15 for second place, 10 for 3rd.
Earn points for improving your Maximal Aerobic Power.


Last day to earn points is March 26, 2020.


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