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Pediatric Sports Medicine

We see all types of young athletes—from hockey players to cheerleaders and everyone in between. We strive to educate athletes, parents, and coaches about nutrition and injury prevention, and provide excellent care when sports injuries do happen.

Who we are

Our team of experts includes sports medicine physicians, sports-trained orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, clinicians, researchers, and athletic trainers. This group works together to develop safe, effective treatments that return young athletes to playing sports.

How we help

Because our team is specially trained in pediatrics, we understand how an injury may impact growth, or how growth might impact rehabilitation.

Accurate assessment and age-appropriate therapies are very important when treating young athletes who are still growing and developing as they recover from and manage an injury.

Using our team’s collective pediatric expertise, we’re able to develop an integrated treatment plan for each patient. This team approach complements each athlete’s situation and facilitates their rehabilitation back into sports.

Here are a few of our specific services:

  • Sports physical therapy services, including two dedicated sports therapy gyms
  • Concussion diagnosis, management, and direct referral to the Concussion Program
  • Fracture management with same-day X-rays, splinting, and casting for broken bones
  • Dedicated sports medicine surgeons, experienced in treating youth to professional athletes
  • Community education for primary care providers, parents, athletic directors, coaches, and athletic trainers
  • Sideline and event coverage by physicians and athletic trainers for Boulder Valley School District high schools and several sports clubs in the Denver Metro area
  • Opportunities to participate in innovative research projects focused on understanding the efficacy of different treatment approaches for youth sports injuries

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