Our concussion program evaluates and treats children and teenagers who have sustained concussions.
Our experts see thousands of children each year who have been diagnosed with a concussion.

The high volume of patients we see makes us one of the most knowledge​able and experienced team of providers in the region—and among the best in the country.

The primary concussion team includes board-certified pediatric experts in emergency medicine, sports medicine, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, and neuropsychology. They are joined by certified athletic trainers and occupational and physical therapists with special training in treating concussions.

This multidisciplinary team offers a unique, streamlined, and comprehensive approach that tailors treatment to each individual patient’s needs.

How we help

Our concussion program provides high-quality clinical care and delivers scientifically accurate and up-to-date information about pediatric concussions. Our team members are engaged in numerous research projects focused on understanding brain injury and how best to help children and teens recover and safely return to academics and athletics. Their work has been published in multiple medical and neuropsychological books and journals.

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