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Who are you going to challenge to help make our community a safer place?

Just because sports, teams and clubs are on hold doesn’t mean we have lost our love for competition. We are still gathering virtually to be together and prepare for seasons to come and rivalries between school are not forgotten.  The Medical Mask Challenge is everything we love about competing: Working as a team toward a common goal, challenging and beating the school across town, and giving back to the communities that support our programs both with financial contributions and in-person, cheering us on.

There is already a shortage of masks available to medical providers and their patients.  As medical centers, hospitals and clinics get ready to expand their range of in-person services, now, more than ever, there is a need for increased numbers of personal protection masks.  Masks protect not only patients but also providers who need to be face-to-face to offer often lifesaving or life-altering care that was put off during the height of the COVID crisis.

The CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center and Boulder Valley Schools are teaming up to make our community a little safer.  The Medical Mask Challenge asks individuals on teams and in clubs to accept the challenge of either making or acquiring a mask for themselves and one to donate to a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare providers.  Together, the schools, teams and clubs of the Boulder Valley School District, working together toward a common cause, can make a huge difference in our community and help save lives.  Who are you going to challenge today?

Types of masks accepted: Any type of reusable cloth or surgical mask.

Where can I drop off masks: Masks can be dropped off at the CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center, 2150 Stadium Drive, Boulder.  Be sure to take a picture, post, and #medicalmaskchallenge

When can I drop off Masks: Masks can be dropped off anytime between 8am and 5pm Monday – Friday or Saturday, 8 – 12.

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