Tracker Laser for Neck Injury and Concussion Treatment

February 16th, 2017

Ann McNamara, MPT, who specializes in vestibular dysfunctions, post-Concussion rehabilitation, and trigger Point Dry Needling, gives us insight into new treatment options for the neck. The Tracker Laser is a new device that allows providers to assist patients with strength and proprioception following a variety of sports-related injuries and concussions.

Tracker was established to provide a better solution to cervical joint position and motor control testing and retraining. With the recent increase in concussion and closed head injury awareness, there has been an associated rise in diagnosis of concussion and post-concussive syndrome.  The Tracker system provides Physical Therapists with an important tool in the evidence based testing and treatment of these clients as well as those with mechanical neck pain and whiplash associated disorders.

To learn more about the Tracker Laser and other concussion and neck rehabilitation related exercises and programs, contact us at or give us a call at 303-315-9900!

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