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All of our bike fits are based on a thorough pre-fit examination by the Cycling Biomechanist or a Medical Professional (Doctor or Physical Therapist). Your bike will be fitted based on movement patterns and range of motion to suit your style of riding and optimize comfort and performance.

Replacement parts are often suggested to optimize your bike fit. We do stock some stems and saddles by Specialized which are sold at retail prices. We always provide a full list of required parts and are happy to help you obtain them from your local bike shop.

Medical Bike Fitting: If you experience pain that reaches a medically significant level while you ride, or if the pain lingers to the point of affecting your life off the bike, you should consider a Medical Bike Fit. All medical bike fits start with a physical evaluation and rider interview by our Physical Therapist Bicycle Fitter or Physician, which bring out the key points that lead to a personalized cycling position geared to resolving your cycling related medical concern.

Some of the common issues we address through Medical Bike Fitting include degenerative disc disease, spinal fusions, arthritis, nerve pain or numbness in hands, feet, or groin.

Performance Bike Fits: If you have discomfort that slows you down a bit, but does not require a medical diagnosis, our Cycling Biomechanist will perform a movement evaluation to help dial in your fit for optimal riding. Performance fits are the ideal choice for riders looking to improve performance or general comfort while riding.

We fit road, mountain, triathlon, time trial, tandem, track, and recumbent bikes.

Online appointment scheduling is available for Performance Bike and Medical Bike fits. You can easily book online by clicking below, or read more about or providers in the next section and choose an appointment with Dr. Glowney, Charles, or Aaron.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 303-315-9900 or email us at moreinfo@cusportsmedcenter.com.

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