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Health & Wellness and Exercise as Medicine

Our approach to exercise as medicine is unique due to our expertise from working with elite athletes as well as our innovative and pioneer methods. Through our Health & Performance Director, Dr. San Millan, we are the first ones to develop a methodology to evaluate mitochondrial function and metabolic efficiency. This method also allows us to precisely prescribe an individualized exercise program with the aim to improve mitochondrial function and metabolism.

Nutrition is a critical component to health and disease prevention and management. Our Sports Nutrition services are backed by over a decade of application and research-based approaches to individualizing and optimizing intake for our clients. Through comprehensive assessments, we are able to get a complete picture of nutritional health that includes Muscle Energy Status, Body Composition, Resting Metabolic Rate, Energy Availability, Nutrient Adequacy, and a range of biochemical measures to address issues related to fatigue and micronutrient diet composition.

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