Bike to Work Day Tips, Tricks and Advice.

June 26th, 2019

In celebration of Bike to Work Day, we asked local experts who themselves regularly commute via two-wheeled conveyance for their best tips, tricks and advice for biking to work.

Ring the bell

My favorite piece of commuting gear is my bell!  It sounds dorky but it’s a must-have for commuting along the bike paths here in Boulder.  A bell is universally recognized as the sound a bike makes passing, and to me it is less confrontational than a shout or a grunt.  It lets pedestrians and other riders know I’m coming—especially through blind corners.”

— Mollie Brewer, International road bike racer and Exercise Physiologist.

Beware of unaware drivers

Generally, I feel drivers seem to hold their space better in the morning.  Maybe it’s because drivers are more alert after a night’s sleep. Maybe they have more distractions in the afternoon and evening; texts from their kids, business calls, or messages from family members needing a last-minute grocery pick-up.  Whatever the situation, I am comfortable riding the more direct county roads in the morning but opt for the safer bike paths on the way home even though they are a couple of miles longer.

— Jared Berg, Exercise Physiologist


Bus + Lights = Enjoyable and Safe

Combining a bike ride with a bus ride allows me to enjoy my commute. The bus driver takes on all the stress of the highway portion, and I get to spend time on my bike every workday.

Put lights on your bike to see and be seen, but still ride like you are invisible.

— Charles Van Atta aka “CVA,” Cycling Biomechanist


Balance work, family life, and athletic goals

I use my commute to work as a training tool.  Mornings are usually a steady 10-mile ride into work.  Going home I will take a longer training route home.  By combining my commute and my training I am able to spend more time with my family while still accomplishing my athletic goals.

— Ryan Kohler — Sports Science Manager and Sports Nutritionist

E-Bike is the best of both worlds

Although an avid cyclist, I like to keep my commute and training separate.  On my electric bike I can get to work without being sweaty and out of breath but still enjoy the fresh air.  BONUS: I also still get the same benefits of avoiding rush hour traffic, the hassle of finding parking, and minimizing my car use.

— Kim Raupp, Physical Therapist

A great way to wake up and time for reflection

I arrive more awake, focused and ready for work after I’ve been out in the elements.  I am always happier when I ride my bike and a longer commute allows me time to clear my head and provides a moment of reflection.

— Patty Tomlin, Exercise Specialist

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