Get your own personal Health and Performance Team! With our monthly membership options, you have access to all of our services. Choose to utilize them as-needed, or work with our team for coaching guidance where we assist you in developing a road map to success. We will help in aligning the services and timing to provide you with the most comprehensive monitoring available.

Your monthly membership fee gives you access to all of our services within the Health and Performance Department, in addition to massage, exercise classes, and indoor cycling.

Gold Membership: $300/month for $425 in redeemable value every month

Silver Membership: $200/month for $300 in redeemable value every month

See below for an example of how this membership may be utilized throughout the year!
(6 month commitment required for membership pricing)

How it works:
Your monthly fee of $300 gives you $425 worth of services to redeem for that month with the Gold membership or $300 worth of services to redeem for that month with the Silver membership fee of $200.
– You may select any services or consult with our Health and Performance Team for assistance in setting up your road map (see sample above)

Please note:
Medical bike fitting with Dr. Glowney: Physician insurance billing is separate from $300 cash pay portion and will be billed to your insurance company in addition to the $300 biomechanist fee covered within the membership.
Massage and Run Gait appointments: Must be booked over the phone by calling 303-315-9917 and referencing the Membership Package. These are not yet available to book online.
– 6 month minimum commitment for memberships
– Please see our cancellation, refund, and on-hold policies on our web site

Health & Wellness Package (3.5 hours), $300

    • * The most comprehensive assessment.
      * In-depth insight into the cellular mechanisms driving your fitness
    • * Receive a workout plan with exercises designed to boost your fitness and achieve your wellness      goals
    • * Meet with your Exercise Physiologist to delve into the details of the test and go through a Q&A  session
      * Take home a complete report that covers all aspects of your evaluation, plus individualized training  ranges and fueling guidelines
  • Essential Cycling/Running Package (5 hours), $450

      • Combine two of our most comprehensive assessments to optimize your biomechanics and physiology for health or performance.
        * Full physiological test on the bike or treadmill with gas analysis for caloric expenditure in kcal/hour, plus fat and carbohydrate oxidation rates in grams/minute.
      • * Retul bike fit or run gait analysis utilizing a thorough biomechanical and physical assessment to address comfort, pain, or performance issues.
    • Essential Swimming Package (5 hours), $400

        • Take our suite of physical and biomechanical assessments into the swim flume to maximize your swim comfort and performance.
          * Physiological testing paired with stroke analysis gives a complete overview of how your individual biomechanics impact your physiology and performance in the water.
        • * With this package, athletes receive two physiological tests and stroke analyses plus 1 in-pool consultation to assess pre- and post-intervention changes.
      • Essential Triathlon Package (1.5 days), $900

          • Whether you are just starting triathlon or a seasoned competitor looking to gain more information about your body to improve performance, this is a great way to start. Get the most information from our most important assessments to maximize your triathlon performance across disciplines. Included in this package is:
            * Full physiological test on the bike or treadmill
          • * Retul TT bike fit or run gait analysis
          • * Swim LT profile with stroke analysis
          • * Body composition assessment
          • * Sports Nutrition consultation
          • * DARI functional movement assessment

Ultimate Triathlon Package (3 days) $1300

  • This is a game changer. We give you in-depth testing and analysis across all 3 sports! Included in this package is:
    * Full physiological test on the bike
    * Full physiological test on the treadmill
    * Retul TT bike fit
    * Running gait analysis
    * Swim LT Profile with stroke analysis
    * Sports nutrition consultation
    * Body composition assessment
    * DARI Functional Movement assessment

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