Foundation Strength for a Successful Season

Foundation Strength for a Successful Season

New Strength and Conditioning Classes Coming Next Month!

Off-Season Strength
For the next six weeks, this class focuses on building foundational strength during the off-season.  Each class will be a full body workout that develops mechanically sound athletes.  The sessions are programmed to build upon one another with strategic loading and de-loading phases.  Whether you’re new to strength training or a seasoned veteran, this class will take you to the next level.  You’ll be in a controlled environment that emphasizes proper technique as well as making gains!

Don’t miss this opportunity to start preparing for your next competitive season!  The off-season is where you need to put in the work.  As they say… the wider the base, the higher the peak!

Speed and Agility
What do you think of when you hear speed and agility training?  Is it just about acceleration, top-end speed, and change of direction?  What athletes need it most?

Speed and agility work isn’t just for school-age athletes or the pros.  This training is essential to the development of movement mastery.  In addition to improving performance, speed and agility work increases the body’s resilience to external and internal forces applied to the body in all directions.

Over the course of the series, this class takes participants through a wide variety of performance drills developing coordination, speed, agility, and reactive ability. For athletes who are eager to break out the agility ladders and move through various cone drills, this class will sharpen those coordinative and reactive skills and keep the body resilient and agile!

For all of our athletes, whether recreational or elite, we offer a number of services and package options to generate baseline data and get your off season started right:

Additional offerings include:

Full Physiological Test
Nutrition Assessment
Muscle Energy Status
DARI Functional Movement Screen
Retul 3D Bike Fitting with Saddle Pressure Mapping

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Be sure to come for our Free Community Lecture Series this Fall and Winter, Monday evenings at the center from 6-7pm. Learn more about physiology and how to apply it to your training and goals. Additional topics include Personalized Nutrition, Research Frontiers, Cycling Biomechanics, and some hands-on Functional Strength and Movement seminars!

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