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Indoor Cycling, Classes, and Clinics

Join us in our Indoor Cycling Studio and Gym for ongoing group sessions to maximize fun and performance! We offer Indoor Cycling, Pilates, and Strength and Conditioning Classes tailored to athletes of every age and ability!

FREE PARKING for classes – just bring your license plate number inside!

Class Schedule – April/May 2017

Indoor Cycling
Tuesday 6:00am, 6:00pm
Wednesday 5:30pm

Your Coaches

Cari Higgins – Wednesday 5:30pm and 7:15pm

Jared Berg – Thursday 6:30am

Breeze Brown – Thursday 10:00am

Ryan Kohler – Tuesday 5:30pm, Tuesday 7:00pm, Saturday 7:00am

Have fun, get fit, get fast! Our 1000 square foot studio houses 12 Wahoo KICKR trainers, plenty of fans, music, and strength equipment to maximize your fitness and performance.

Session 1: November 7 – December 17 (2016)
Session 2: January 2 – February 16, 2017
Session 3: February 21 – March 30, 2017
Session 4: April 3 – May 1 (week 2 is off)

Services and Packages

Indoor Cycling Essentials Package – $80 add-on
No more guessing! Power and Heart Rate zones specific to your indoor training needs!
– Lactate Profile to generate individualized training ranges
– Training Plan and Premium Athlete Account through Training Peaks

Spring Session (4 weeks) – $16 per class
– Our tried and true sessions based on science and built for success and fun!
– drop-in registration available
– 4 weeks through April (except for the week of 10th)

Glycogen and Hydration Testing (Learn More!)
Personalize your nutrition practices with Muscle Glycogen Assessments or a Hydration Analysis to ensure optimal performance for your sessions. Indoor Cycling participants receive special pricing!

Lactate Testing (Learn More!)
Generate individualized training ranges based on HR and power before starting up your indoor cycling to ensure appropriate training loads and maximize gains. Indoor Cycling participants receive special pricing!

Pilates is a form of strength and flexibility training that can be done by someone at any level of fitness. Pilates promotes a feeling of physical and mental well-being and also develops inner physical awareness. Since this method strengthens and lengthens the muscles without creating bulk, it is particularly beneficial for dancers and actors. Pilates is also helpful in preventing and rehabilitating from injuries, improving posture, and increasing flexibility, circulation, and balance. Pregnant women who do these exercises can develop body alignment, improve concentration, and develop body shape and tone after pregnancy.

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